Our Projects (and dreams) ...

Since 2001, OUR Los Al has provided support for Los Al High School activities and facilties. Working with school officials, the group identified the most pressing needs for Los Al High facilities and has contributed money to improve them.

Over the last few years the group has paid for an aerial survey of the entire campus, and worked with architects, booster clubs and school officials to organize a master plan for approved potential improvements. OUR Los Al has also donated money for a new scoreboard in the gym, and contributed money for field improvements for the LAHS Varsity soccer and lacrosse fields.

Where Your Support Will Make a Difference


Project Description: A new all-weather track would benefit students and every single athletic team for conditioning purposes. Reconfiguring the track into a nine-lane, 400-meter facility will allow all LAHS teams, PE students, and members of the community to train year-round regardless of the weather. It will also enable the track program to host meets to raise funds to cover costs of the program and maintenance.

After the track is constructed, the next phase would be to install permanent seating to accomodate 800-1,000 persons.


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The goal is to make a dedicated softball area with improved seating , and provide more usage to the community as a whole. The initial phase is to upgrade the existing Varsity softball field with a new backstop, better leveling of the outfield and infield areas, install permanent outfield fences, and a scoreboard. The second phase would be to move the existing JV field west towards the fence. This entire area would become a dedicated softball area, which, in the process gives the soccer and lacrosse programs room for their own dedicated field, and would minimize wear and tear on the softball area.


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The reconfigured softball area and the interior of the new all-weather track would permit the construction of two full-size soccer/lacrosse fields.


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The cracking concrete (which currently needs to be patched every few years) would be removed and replaced with top quality concrete. The area around the courts would be attractively landscaped to mak it more appealing for community use.


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Currently there are six very narrow middle-school sized basketball courts which do not even have enough room for the three point lines. These courts would be reconfigured to make three full-width courts, with six additional baskets located outside the courts.


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The Varsity field will get a new higher backstop to minimize foul balls landing in the track and spectator areas.



The Los Al HS gym is used by over 20 Griffin teams and activities. Some are forced to begin practice at 6am or end at 9pm. The growth of local youth volleyball and basketball leagues is limited because the current gym is "maxed out." A second gym/activities center would enable reasonable practice times for students and help youth sports organizations to meet community needs. The gym is also used for dances, cheer and song exhibitions, cheer & song and color guard competitions, and community


The existing LAHS Pool was built by community contributions (and not the school or the Anaheim Uion High School District) in 1969. It is now run down and not deep enough to host Varsity water polo games. The goal is to reconfigure the pool to a deeper, 40-meter pool with upgraded equipment, team rooms, and raised permament seating. The larger pool could also host fund-raising tournaments, and promote much more community usage.